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For party Traditional Chinese Dim Sum & Cuisine

Welcome to our specialized traditional Chinese dim sum handcrafted ! We are devoted to handcrafting authentic dim sum that brings out the true flavors of ...

Delicious Food to Share

Sharing food is a true cornerstone of Chinese culture. Whenever we sit down to a meal, we can instantly feel a sense of unity and togetherness. It's an ...

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For those who wish to enjoy the delightful flavors of traditional Chinese food, our restaurant offers an amazing selection of inventive dishes and dishes ...


Sai Luo

20 January 2024
5 months ago
Wulixiang’s zongzi is soooo yummy! You cannot find anything this good in the entire Seattle are. I like the salted egg flavor. The wonton is super delicious as ...
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15 November 2023
7 months ago
I've tried different kinds of its food. None of them let me down. It is very good at making traditional Chinese food, especially in the JiangNan flavor, which m...
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